Sunday, December 28, 2014

Batam Cable Ski // Ice Skating // Last Bootycall & Gary's Butter Birthday

How was everyone's Christmas

Mine was filled with lots of fun and joy! Even though it was a simple affair, no big holiday destinations whatsoever, but we definitely had lots of joy together. Will be blogging on my Genting Christmas blogpost next up! So all of you who are looking to spend some getaway at Genting (without the theme park), stay tuned! 
A few weeks ago, I took a day off work to spend it at Batam cable ski. I'm sure all of you know how much i love to head down to batam just to cable ski the day away and head back again. Before i started work, it was a monthly/bi weekly affair, but since work has sucked up all of my time, it didnt happen to often anymore. 
"Work hard, and play hard"
That has always been my motto. I believe in putting the hours at work, and spending some leisure time off, without having to worry about work at all. 
So glad to have my dearest juju for cable company, and andri who joined us at batam side! Andri and i were schoolmates at uni, despite our different year intakes, we still became good friends. This guy here is one awesome dude, always taking care of me whenever we're out. No matter in blue mountains or sydney city, he's the guy i count on all the time. Big love for you! 

If you're looking to head down to batam for some cable ski, i'd suggest you to check the booking meter online and book your slots. It gets pretty crowded over the weekends, though i've not personally been there on a weekend. But i heard there's heaps of people there! I usually head down on a wednesday since its cheaper (Ladies Day). It costs $60nett for the ferry transfer, tax inclusive, land transfer, full day cable and lunch as well! what a deal, isn't it?! I hope the prices wont increase too much next year.. *fingers crossed!*
Here's the webby for you to head down to if you like cable ski!

Btw, its a BYO place, you can purchase your duty free bottles at the ferry terminal at SG and bring it over to cable park, or you can just buy their bintang beer at the cable park for 3sgd ? If i remembered it correctly...

getting our fix of alcohol first before getting into the water

Here we go.......

Lunch is served at 12 noon, and you get to choose from the menu. 
Oh, and they have these floats that we always play with. good to relax in the water with your beer, calming the lunch down in your stomach before going for the next round of cable. 

The best part about going to batam cable ski; you get to meet friends of the same interest!!!! we went as 3, returned back 5 friends stronger. hahahaa! 

Ryan Browwwwwwn. 

Zhi Cao ! my new found doubles friend. hahaa

This is why Zhi Cao is my new found doubles friend. hahaha! My first attempt at going doubles!

Sooooooon, the sun came down and it was time to head back to Sg. boohoo. till the next time cables!

New found cable friends to head down to BCP with the next time! 


Last weekend, I finally met up with my fellow queens. Ever since we were crowned, everyone was busy with their lives and what came after. Siya went off to Albania to compete for Miss Globe 2014, Luisa went to Shenzhen to compete for Miss Model of the World, and Tammy is going off soon in end January Hongkong to compete for Miss Chinese International 2015. And I am going off late next year to compete for my international pageant. 

Boy, how time flies. It just seemed awhile ago when we were crowned in September. I miss my ladies already. 

After some time of coordinating our schedules, we finally managed to fix a date to meet up. Unfortunately luisa wasn't able to meet us as she was preparing to leave for batam the next day. We've missed your goofiness luisa! 

This meetup date is a little different from the usual brunch / movie / shopping date that girls usually go for. We opted for something which we personally don't really do,which was ICE SKATING!!! Tell me, how many of you guys would choose going ice skating on a girls day out? okay, maybe some adventurous souls out there would actually. hahaa! Anyway, since Kallang Ice World is down for maintenance, we went to JCube for our ice skate session. 
Do visit  The Rink for prices and session timings! We went for the 3-5pm session and it was more than enough for our feet. hurhur.

Camwhore moments before we begin our skating session!

Ice skating isn't that tough if you  have got some roller blading background. I personally don't roller-blade, i think it is extremely scary. I've probably roller-bladed twice in my entire life and been on ice skates twice / thrice as well? I remember going ice skating when i was young, and i saw a boy fall flat on his face. He broke his tooth and there was a patch of blood on the ice floor. ohmygawddd, that image is still in my mind till today. how horrible! From then on, i was quite afraid to fall..... 

I believe it was Siya's first (or secondattempt at ice skating and she was soooooo hilarious! After a few rounds of falling down, she managed to let go of the railings, and hold us while we skate through the rink. Woohoo! Kudos to you! I think we were quite annoying on the ice cause at one point we stood in the middle of the rink and took videos for each other. hurhurhur. oops, sorry! 

To make up for that, here's my video! teehee!

2 hours flew by really quickly. By the end of the session, we couldn't quite feel our legs anymore. Headed down to old town coffee for some tea break and catch up on our lives. It's always good to catch up with others, and not being too lost in your own life. 

Friends like these who raise you up and catch you when you fall

On the very same day, I had my girlies come with me to butter for the Last Bootycall party! Oh mannn, Bootycall has always been significant to me since I've always partied on a saturday. It was the last saturday party and butter will be closing soon. 

We shall see you on the 3rd for one last rave. I am so gonna miss you dearly. Maybe i should start drafting a blogpost on my history with butter factory, considering i had my first party when i turned 18 at this very ground. 

Anyway, the girls and I planned a sleepover at Ju's place, but it turned out to be a super late night crash in, not much of a sleepover since everyone was so tired.. haha! Thinking back, it has been so long since we last got together to party. I only remember in 2011 where diana, juju and myself went to taiwan for parties. That was probably the closest to us partying together. Ahhhh, memories... 
Times have changed, now we travel in search of dive sanctuaries. :)

Besides Butter's Last Bootycall, it was also Mister Gary's Birthdayyyyy!!! This guy ended up not being able to remember the night despite him telling me the whole night that he was sober. What's a good party if you dont have a little fun yeah? 
I hope you had a great one!  

Enjoy the photos below everybodeh!!

My two goofballs. love you guys!

My dearests

Happy Birthday (Belated Post) Garyyyyyy!!! 
P.S. Good thing i didn't pass you your present that night. Let me know when you're free from all that traveling. 

Take care everyone, especially from taking Air Asia flights.