by - January 01, 2015

Happy New Year everybody!

It's the time of the year where everyone reflects on what they have done in 2014. For me, i felt that 2014 went by really quick, a little too quick for my preference. Perhaps I am still lost in space, still very much into my Australian lifestyle. Having only returned back to Singapore for good in April this year, I am missing Australia heaps and I still wish that I'm back in Sydney. Life moves on for everyone. I decided it was time to take a foothold in my career, to start thinking for my future and to start working in the corporate world. I stopped doing my events / modeling gigs and took a monthly paycheck. Life hasn't been very much pleasing but at least it looked promising.

Family wise, we grew closer. Being back in the comforts of my own home means a lot to me. I am closer to my family and I aim to spend more time with them, to make up for my absence in the past 3 years. My brother is getting married this year too, but it also means that he will move out to his new apartment sooner or later. When my brother eventually moves out, it will feel like a piece of me missing.

2014 hasn't been much of a up or down year for me, it was pretty neutral for me. But i think it was a pretty good year for me, had a closure and a new beginning. Now comes 2015, I wish to stay happy, healthy and prosperous. I would like to get my fitness back, which would mean doing various kinds of sports. I might try something new, like picking up yoga together with my colleagues. My main focus for 2015 is to establish my career and to work hard for it. Friends, i hope you understand if I may seem busy and not being able to meet up with you guys. For those that are true, will not mind.

Here's wishing everyone a great new year to come with new changes and positive vibes!

With love, 

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