Butter Special | The walk through 6 years

by - January 08, 2015

It was the place I seeked solace;
It was the place to look forward to after a long day of school;
It was the place where I could meet my friends from everywhere;
It was home to me;
It was called Butter Factory.

Butter was home to me for 6 years. I started to frequent Butter at the age of 18, subsequently whenever friends turned legal, I would bring (drag) them to butter to celebrate. I vividly remember during my days in poly, after my biathlon training or after a long project day in school, I would get changed at Cindy's place or in school and head down to meet my girls. Back then, I had so much energy! I could go through an entire day, and still have reserves to spend the night out. 

Gosh, I can't even imagine the aftermath if i were to do it at this age. 

I can see a significant difference when it comes to partying style. As we grow older, the things we look for and enjoy changes. Back then, it was all about getting the drinks rolling, bottoms up, downing anything possible (be it nasty or nice liquors) that contained alcohol in it. It was horrible. The hangover was a killer. But the party was fun, with the crowd that I hit the dancefloor with. Packed with boys constantly on the lookout for girls, angsty girls with their "get-away-from-my-boyfriend" look etc. 

Now, when I hit Butter, its about meeting up with pals, having quality drinks, feeling some family time with them. You see, Butter isn't a very big place to begin with. Big at heart yet a very homely feel. The more you frequent Butter, the more people remember you. Everyone is just friendly like that. It feels like a home eventually. People recognize you and know you by your name and are genuinely happy to see you again. You feel happy to be in a place filled with happy people. The friends you befriend at Butter are the kinds that you could easily hang out with, even in broad daylight. (yes, even though they don't see the noon very often)

*Because i'm happy*

Here's my journey down memory lane. 
p.s. please don't judge my old photos, i have tried my best to put the more decent looking ones up. 

Year 2009

Year 2000

The type of crowd/friends that I head to Butter with. 

Yes i know it does feel a little overwhelming...

Then comes my hiatus for 3 years while I went to Aussie from 2011 - 2014

*kangaroos hopping around*

And congrats to myself for graduating successfully and returning back to Sg.
*throws confetti*

Year 2014

I returned back to Singapore in April 2014, and I started going back to Butter to visit old pals. And it sort of became a routine once again. I made more friends in Butter, and I would always return to the same VIP table to see everyone. People always ask me if I work for Butter, or to help them get guest lists because I'm always there. hahaha! Sorry mates, I don't work at Butter! 

Cheers to all those who have contributed to my Butter memories, i love you guys! Sorry if i missed you guys out in the photos, I don't have much stored in my computer. 

Curtains drawn, take a bow and make a graceful exit

Although Butter is no longer operating, it is always in my heart. 

Thank you everyone for making my nights count. (you know who you are)


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