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by - January 25, 2015

Annyeong Hasaeyo!

Having watched all that Korean dramas, with eyes ogling and lusting for that cute guy/lady out there, wishing you had their perfect hair and complexion. K-pop idols are always matched with the coolest hair styles, ever changing, but always effortlessly chic. 

Don't you just wish you could have it all too?

Following the K-pop wave, it is apparent that Korean styles especially in the form of hair and beauty products have taken the markets by storm.

Korean hair styles are setting the trend as the popularity of the Hallyu wave grows.

We all know K-wave is big in fashion these days, and it is not just because of the styles that captures our eyes- it is also about the quality, creativity of the hair stylists, and their abilities to match up with your desires.  In my opinion, Korean hair stylists have raised the bar on their technical skills, product creation, and creativity in hair styles. 

If you do personally know me, I am honestly quite a little korean fan. Korean dramas, idols, food and even their language has always been an area of interest for me. *recalling back to my time in Sydney where i hung out with all my korean amigo*

You can imagine my beaming face when I managed to get in contact with Hair Plus Korean Salon. 
I am proud to announce that I am officially sponsored by Hair Plus Korean Salon to take care of my lovely mane!
*throws party poppers*

I had previously met the Sales &Marketing Manager of the salon for discussion and he has warmly introduced me to his family who are running the business. His lovely wife, Ms Gloria Lee, runs the business with a team of 3 Korean hair stylists and 3 hair assistants. All hair stylists hail from Seoul and have over a decade of hair experience in their home country. 

Hair Plus Korean Salon opened in 2005 at Far East Plaza. It used to be situated on the top floor, but it has since shifted its premises to Level 3, strategically positioned beside the escalator where is major traffic. It is the ONLY Korean Hair Salon located in Far East Plaza, offering an affordable price tag  for korean hair services and products.

Check out the range of korean products that they use for treatment services etc. All these products are retailing at selected departmental stores. If you're into korean treatment or hair services, be sure to stay tuned for my review.

First and foremost, big kudos to the team who stayed back to service my hair. I could only turn up at 7pm since my work ends at 6pm, and having to do a hair cut, colour and treatment easily took up 2 hrs of their time. Thanks for being so professional and staying back after hours to help with my hair. 

I was introduced to my stylist for the day, Su Kim. Su is the Senior Professional Korean Hairstylist with more than 12 years of experience in hair styling in both Korea and Singapore. She had a look at my hair and decided the plan for my revitalization. 

Hair Wash & Cut
We started out with the basics; hair wash, cut and dye. This was how my mane looked previously. My roots were pretty obvious as it has been quite awhile since i last had my hair coloured. Split ends were very visible and my hair just looked a total unkept mess.

Hair Dye
As for the colour of my hair, I left it up to Su to decide what colour to give my hair. She explained that since I was pretty tanned, and "golden" in colour, having a light brown head would make me look washed out. Actually, I've always had brown hair my whole life. I never went very light brown, but i did have light brown highlights before. 

Su decided on copper red for me, slightly on the darker side since I work in a hotel, and it is important for me not to have too vibrant of a head colour. I was a little hesitant about going copper red as I dyed my hair copper red before. At that time, the hair stylist bleached my hair without informing me. My hair was in such disastrous condition from the bleach that I never dared to try it again. When i asked Su, she confidently told me that we didn't require bleach to achieve the desired colour. 

My hair is in your hands, lets do this!

Oh and they've got really yummy authentic korean green tea!

Hair Treatment
After the dye, Su snipped off the end parts of my hair and trimmed it slightly. Then we moved on with the hair treatment. They have 2 types of hair treatment; L'Oreal and Korea A.M, and i got to try the latter.

The treatment is a 3 step procedure, starting off with the scalp. After applying the treatment liquid to my scalp, Su massaged it in and left it there for about 10 min. Then came the washing, and another round of treatment with the steam machine on. I washed my hair thrice, and im pretty sure it's sparking clean. hahaha!

End product
Su and her assistant helped to tong my hair and gave it a super chio setting, even though i was only going for a quick late dinner with my mom. 

Look at how vibrant and alive my hair looks!!! I am mad in love with my new hair. It looks so revitalized, fresh and alive! All my colleagues at work sang praises about my hair and asked where i got my hair done :) I'm thrilled to be able to share my experience with them.

If you're looking for quality hair cuts/dye/treatment/styling, i highly recommend my stylist, Su Kim (lady in red). Just leave your hair to her, and she will do an amazing job for you. 

More shameless selfies cause i love my hair....

I will be back next month for another hair pampering session. I might give the signature Volume Rebonding or C Perm a try. I've been wanting to try it but no confidence of getting a major makeover for my hair. 

Visit and Hair Plus Korean Salon Facebook  for more promotions and affordable services at their humble abode. 

Hair Plus Korean Salon
14 Scotts Road #03-22
Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213
Tel: 6235 2334


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