by - February 08, 2015

Its the weekend again! But, its back to work tomorrow. :(

Weekends are my favourite, well then again, I guess its a norm for everyone. I love to sit down on a weekend, and do absolutely nothing. That is a partial lie... I always find myself wandering in the kitchen, looking for something to do, or some ideas to bake. I did bake today! I think I might be a #SundayBaker 

#throwback some time ago, I was having the time of my life at Batam Cable Ski again. This time I was really eager to cable cause i had my full set of cable gear. Super happy to receive my life vest and helmet as my bday gift from Z.  Y'know, the feeling of receiving and opening gifts... 
*cheap thrill*

It was a crowded weekend, as compared to the usual wednesdays we used to go. But according to others, it wasn't THAT crowded. No matter what, its the company that makes the trip fun and worthwhile :)

This time round, we grew balls and brought our own supply of beer. HURHUR. Not exactly allowed, but like i said, we grew some balls... Got my awesome possum andri to be the culprit and get the booze on his end before coming to the cable park. hehehehehe! 

Helll yeahhhh! we got 3 cases of beer for us to share. Andri even managed to find a large styrofoam box and ordered our own ice pack. it's an official party!!!!

Confessions of an alcoholic :P

My awesomezzzz cable kakis 

Before we entered the water
After getting my dosage of beer, I'm ready for my session!

Check out my chio vest and helmet!!! 
Looking at the photos above, I kinda look like i'm constantly wearing Vans Cap while i'm on water. Good choice of helmet. teehee!

After like many many many hours of cable, I finally sustained injury to my head. hahaha! Whilst i was going up the ramp, i sort of landed with my legs (still strapped to my board) in the air, and BAAAAMMMM the board hit me right below my helmet. I blacked out for a split second, followed by a series of extreme splitting headache. 

And yeah, that was the end of my cable session for the day. Luckily, it was nearly home time. Didn't lose out much. hahaaha! Don't worry, I'm fine, no major injuries sustained to my head, i'm still relatively smart :P

Home bound back to SG for a round of dinner with the group.

Was quite worried that my hair would lose its colour since it was newly dyed and it was dripping red when i went cable ski. So thankful for my trusty hair salon Hair Plus Korean Salon for taking good care of my hair. Even though it was newly dyed red, the colour didn't run despite me soaking it in sea water etc. 
*thumbs up*

When i got home, i realized i was quite badly sunburnt. The next few days were horrible, my face was like a lobster and it peeled in a weird random manner. 

Today's Sunday again, and true enough i have my baking hat on.  I decided to try a chocolate strawberry cream mini cake. Turned out to be quite decent actually!

So i baked the mini cakes first using a normal muffin tin until it has risen till its peak, which was approximately 20min. 

Got it out from the oven, let it cool for 5 min and then sliced it into halves. filled it with thickened cream and top it off with strawberries!

Made 12 mini cakes from this batter. Family tasted it and they said it was not too shabby! Moist and soft on the inside, and not too hard on the outside. If you'll like the recipe, let me know! :)

Time to explore my new xiaomi tv box. teehee! Have a good week ahead everyone!


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