Weekend Activities

by - April 26, 2015

This weekend was helluva tiring one for me! 

First, I worked 12 hours yesterday for Amara's wedding show, standing on heels throughout the entire event. It was a good exposure, i learnt a lot, gained more confidence in doing my showrooms. It was also fun to interact with the couples, know more about their weddings etc. I had a couple who were getting married in 5 months time, and another looking for wedding in 2018. haha, we definitely do have the extremes. 

But all in all, it's still one joyous occasion :)


Today, I had my first try at a very unique sport. I only got to know more about this sport during the recent ADEX Fair held at Suntec. It was Underwater contact rugby! Heard of it before? It is basically contact rugby, but played underwater. Yes, you heard me right, it includes holding your breath under water, grappling the ball from your opponent, guarding it with your life, kicking and pushing others away, and trying to score it with the support from your teammates. 

It was one BREATH-taking sport. It literally took my breath away. I constantly find myself breaking the surface gasping for air desperately. But i guess it also means i was pushing myself to play my part for the team. Or just that I can't hold my breath for long. hahaaa! But I managed to score one goal for my team today, while nearly running out of air. *beams*

Thank you First Asian Team Underwater Rugby (FATUWR) for having us today at your rookie session, I hope we'll be able to join in more sessions in the future. 


On a complete different side note, I hope you guys still remember about my hair perming session (Volume Rebonding + Setting Perm) I had at Hair Plus Korean Salon earlier on this month? I mentioned that they are having an April promotion now (Only $20 for their signature korean hair treatment) on the korean hair treatment service with any volume rebonding or perming services.

April is coming to an end soon! What are you waiting for? Book your appointment today!
Head on down to their FB page for more info or promotion updates!!!

Till the next time, have a happy hair day everyone!


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