Beauty Queen Charity // BMIHMS Alumni Gathering

by - April 18, 2015

Happy Weekend Alllll~

So last weekend, I got to do something very meaningful. I volunteered my time at the Society for the Aged Sick. It was actually the on-going Mrs Singapore charity drive but as existing crowned beauty queens, I feel that we too can give back to society as and when we are able to. 

We started the morning early at 830am, fortunately it was located at Hougang area which is relatively close to my place. teehee. We went to visit the wards, spoke to various elderly and lend them our listening ear. You'll be surprised at how much they eventually open up to you, and how their eyes brighten up at the sight of many pretty ladies visiting them. I faced difficulties understanding some of them as they didn't have their dentures in, and words that came out was a blur. But we communicated by simple hand gestures and signs, our body language and just by looking at their eyes and listen to them talk to their best ability. It was tough, but an eye opening experience. 

Soon after, we all went down to the main function hall where present Mrs Singapore contestants and reigining queens put up dance and singing performance for the elderly. You could see how much they enjoyed themselves, with bright smiles and happy claps. We got to help out in serving their food and drinks, wheel them in to the table to eat. 

After the morning was over, the elderly were wheeled back to their wards, press has left, we then whipped out our cameras for some selfie/wefie time! Enjoy the following bombarding photos :)

Miss Singapore All Nations - Siya
2013 and 2014 Miss Singapore Queens

Reigning Miss Singapore Queens and our dearest mama, Angela :)


The day didn't quite end for me.... I got home, took a quick nap, showered and went out to meet my fellow BMIHMS alumnus. Mr Cook, our dearest alumni ambassador, was on a SEA tour to visit graduates from Indonesia, Singapore, Hongkong, Macau, Korea.

Last saturday was our gathering at Moosehead Kitchen and Bar. It was really good to meet up with familiar faces, and also to meet new faces. I was the youngest graduate in the group, and if i'm not mistaken, the oldest graduate was in Year 2000! Wow, we must be at least 14 years difference, but she doesn't look old at all.

Myself with Mr Cook!

Graduates from Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School. 
it's nice to see that everyone is working at different hotels, some even out of the hotel industry.

Being a saturday, the evening adjourned to somewhere more lively; Clarke Quay! Since Mr Cook has never been to Clarke Quay, we decided on it to show him around. Settled at pumproom with the entire group of 10, and the evening was history.  

For course there were more than just the 6 of us, but lets not elaborate on the night. Let's just say, the night ended on a high note :)


Before Mr Cook flew off to his next destination, he was very kind enough to pay me a visit at my current hotel to see how I was doing and the hotel that I was working at. I realized throughout my years at uni, I never had a proper photo with Mr Cook. This photo below was probably the closest I have to a photo with Mr Cook, taken during my Key Ceremony where I was awarded my key to being an official alumni of the school..

Fast forward 1 year, after completing my degree, here I am working in Sales & Marketing, a department where I've always wanted to work for. Life is not a bed of cushy flowers or pillows, you gotta fight for it, and often meet with obstacles. But overcome them and you'll emerge stronger. 

Have a safe flight back to Sydney, Mr Cook! & if i ever visit Sydney / Leura, I'll be sure to let you know :)


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