Wedding Bells at Amara

by - April 18, 2015

The spaces between your fingers were created so that another's could fill them in.
~ Anonymous ~

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.
~ Robert Heinlein ~

Weddings are such gorgeous events but there is soooooo much that goes behind the scene. I can't imagine the day I get married (if i ever do...), I'd probably be freaking out over every single detail, making sure my guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves, and most importantly, have a good view of me. HAHAHA!! So much for being in the hospitality line...

By the looks of this post, you might have guessed it. Yes, this is going to be all about 

A wedding show in fact. 
fyi, it's not my wedding, i'm not getting hitched..

Its probably all about the age; I'm receiving heaps of wedding invites, news of friends getting hitched etc. I guess 24 is when most couples who are in a stable relationship would think of settling down, register for their own house and save up for the big day. 

Weddings can be a headache, especially when you have to plan for the finances, banquet venue, decorations, invites etc etc etc. This is when a wedding show is convenient for couples who're looking to wed soon. It's a comprehensive day where you are exposed to the different areas of planning for a wedding. You've got the bridal gowns, wedding photography, wedding favors, ballroom venue, dinner menu etc all provided at the wedding show for your consideration. On top of that, there usually is a discount/early bird special if you book in your wedding during the wedding show. 
It can honestly save you a few thousands. :)

From pool side wedding solemnization to Grand Ballroom wedding banquet, name it we've got you covered. Small intimate weddings - 40 tables ? We got your back!

Having said so much, all you guys out there who are looking to wed your other half, or maybe just getting an idea of how your own wedding planning will go, feel free to come down Amara Singapore for our wedding show! We have got wedding packages catered for all sizes, be it 5 tables or 42 tables, we've got you covered 

Admission is free upon submission of a registration form (drop me a message to obtain it!) and we even have freebies/goodies prepared for everyone! 

I will be there on 25th April to welcome you guys, and to show you around.
Even though it is a Saturday, and it is also my dad's birthday.....

So, do drop by and show your support to us! You may check out more photos or our past wedding show on our Amara Singapore facebook page.


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