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by - April 06, 2015

Happy Easter everyone!

How's your Easter holiday getting along? I've been seeing heaps of super adorable Easter bunnies and eggs on instagram, I want one too! 

If you have seen me this week, you would have probably noted a significant change. I had my hair permed! Honestly, I would never dream of getting my hair permed... I had a rather bad experience in the past with hair perming. :/  Lets just say the perm didn't turn out the way I imagined it to be... I chopped my hair off after and grew a new head of healthy hair. Well, that was more than 3 years ago.

For my second session with Hair Plus Korean Salon, I was given a new look. I tried out one of their Star Services; Volume Rebonding + Setting Perm. Read on to find out more on their other Star Services! 

Hair Plus Korean Salon opens at 10am, and since this hair session would take approximately 3 hours or so, I was arranged to come in early to have my hair done. Once I sat down, Su attended to me immediately. I had the bottom ends of my hair chopped off.. My hairrrrrrr. :(

No time was wasted in getting my hair cut, washed and the treatment started. 

I find their Korean A.M Hair treatment very good. Even after a few washes, my hair is still soft. I've got colleagues asking me if my hair feels rough after a few hair washes because they've encountered such "after treatment" experiences. Personally, I don't find that my hair is dry after the treatment or so. I'm not sure if it's a norm for everyone who does hair treatment? o.O

But in any case, i highly recommend their Korean Hair Treament! Smells really really good too! :D
On usual days, I would have the 4 step treatment done at one go, but because today I was getting a perm and volume rebonding, so the last 2 steps of treatment was saved to be done at the very end. It was very kind of Hair Plus Korean Salon to provide me with the well known products from Amos to ensure my hair is in tip top condition. *beams*

We started out with C1- Fix Up Booster, steaming and followed by C2- Nutri Enhancer.

Volume Rebonding
Su explained to me that I have relatively straight hair by nature, but it does have slight waves around the middle portion. To prevent the flyaways/frizzy hair in the middle portion of my head, she will be doing volume rebonding in 2 sections to flatten the hair and to achieve a voluminized look.
I had the top part of my hair done first, followed by the bottom portion

Setting Perm
After the volume rebonding was done, I had my hair washed and my hair stylists helped to straighten my hair out just to ensure the hair stays straight. Then, here comes the setting perm. First I had enzymes-chemicals applied to the bottom half of my hair, then let it sit. After which, Su rolled my hair up and got it fixed to a digital perm machine. You'll probably laugh at how you look during the perm, cause it is just ridiculous looking with all that curling equipment.. hahahaa! 

End result
After the time was up, off the chemicals went and I had the last 2 steps of my treatment. Although it was a super butt-numbing process, I thought of the end results and got all excited. Here's unveiling my new hair (& camwhore time)!

With my trusty hair stylist - Su Kim! :)

Did I mention that the shop is super clean and neat despite it being a hair salon?! You know how  every hair salon has got stray bunches of hair on the floor, and the staff just can't be bothered to sweep them away since it is a hair salon..... *rolls my eyes*
But it was totally not the case at Hair Plus! kudos to the hardworking and ever polite staff! I feel so pampered at the salon, with 2-3 hair stylists and assistants attending to me. Perhaps its a korean culture that they are always so attentive and polite to everyone, be it strangers or close friends. You can never find them being rude to customers or even to their own peers.

I was also given a travel set of shampoo/Conditioner/Leave on treatment cream. I use it daily after my shower before blow drying my hair, and I must say its really good! Makes my hair soft throughout the day/night/day after and protects it from the harmful heat! :)

It has been about a week since i permed my hair, and it's still looking really good, voluminous and luscious. (Y) 


Curious to know what other Star Services Hair Plus Korean Salon carries? Here's the Top 3!

Volume Rebonding 
Volume Rebonding produces soft, sleek and healthy hair, reversing frizziness and damage. A special technique from Korea

Hair Manicure
Hair manicure is a protective coating with deep conditioning properties. It adds a tint of colour and shiny gloss to lackluster hair. This enhances your natural hair colour, instead of replacing it

Volume Rebonding + Setting Perm (What I had)
Volume Rebonding can be done with a Setting Perm. Setting Perm will achieve voluminous curls that create natural movement and romanticism to your new look

Good news to all !!! Hair Plus Korean Salon is giving away a discounted hair treatment with every perm purchased! For the entire month of April, if you are doing a Korean perm, the treatment will be at an additional S$20 instead of the usual S$50! 
you will definitely want to get the hair treatment, especially after having an intense hair perm session. Besides, its just $20 more!

Last but not least, Happy 10th Year Anniversary to Hair Plus Korean Salon!!!!
Cheers to a favorable year ahead!!


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