Post Farewell // Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant Commercial 2015

by - March 15, 2015

Hey all, a week has flew past so quickly! In fact, I think it has been the craziest week so far :/
I've started work at my new place; Amara Singapore as their Assistant Sales Manager, so if anyone has business for me, please feel free to get in touch ;) 

Although I have moved on from PPHG, i still miss my peers plenty! They're definitely a crazy bunch, but fun-loving at the same time. I love how all the 5 properties team would gather together for our TGIFs, drink, eat, talk cock and laugh. Oh yes, I definitely do miss my staff benefits T__T
My last day with PPHG (Parkroyal on Kitchener Road) was a bitter sweet moment. On 27th Feb, my 2 closest colleagues took leave #totalbitches but nonetheless, we all had a smashing awesome time at Zouk for the farewell + birthday party. 

Some last few photos of my colleagues and myself at my dear office...

Mr Hitch. Even though we didn't have much time to bond together since you came in when I was about to leave, but during that short period of time, we managed to bond quite well. Am looking forward to future lunches with you at my tanjong pagar area when you visit your agents :)
Fun-fact: Hitch was also from my uni in syd, bmihms. It was such a coincidence that we happened to work together, and had so much in common *wink*

Left: Eileen
My first few friends in Parkroyal where we attended our orientation together. I'll never forget how we had our tea sessions, gossip time when things were going downhill for us. & your laughter at my forever retarded face. hahaha! I hope you'll be able to achieve what you wish for in life, and keep in touch wherever you go! Thanks for the Nerf gun, it'll come in handy one day ;)

Right: Huiling
Even though you came in late too (just like Hitch), but I'm glad catering sales has a leader like you. We only got closer nearing the end of my time there, but i could tell you were deeply amused by my cartoonish face. Well, I'm glad i could be of help to brighten up your day. Teehee! 

Left: Shaan, Right: Diana
My two beautiful group res/revenue people behind the wall, confined in that small hole of yours *LOL*. Thanks for looking out for me, and helping out in any way possible. I hope you guys will eventually find somewhere you belong (if you feel that you don't over here.... subjective opinion. haha)

Ms/Mrs Cleo. The always-quiet-but-secretly-eavesdropping lady. Thanks for always giving me tips, advice on everything under the sun. I hope you'll eventually become Love Bonito's #1 loyalty fan club, and become their office spokesperson.

& my dearest, Yangmehmeh. I will miss hugging you. Please come to me if Ven bullies you.
Fun-fact: Did you know there was once Ven accidentally dropped you in the dustbin while she was busy with her work, too busy to even realize. I walked past, and i saw how perfectly you fit in the dustbin, but then felt sorry that you were abandoned there and picked you up. 

yada-yada. And yes, i'll miss my office bitches the most. #3Meangirlsforever
Thanks for all the nonsense in the office, sticking through thick and thin, bitching/gossiping most of our time away, slogging our guts out, being happy for one another. No amount of words can describe my gratitude for meeting you guys, even though y'all are just downright rude and mean. hurhur. *lotsa of luvvvvvv here plssss*


Alright, so after work, we headed off to Chicken Up for dinner. NO photos cause everyone was just digging into the chicken, never give chance. And no one wanted to dirty their camera/phone. So just picture something awesome like this.... 

After dinner comes the drinks... Even though we had already started with a jug of beer before dinner and watermelon soju during dinner (so yums!). The party continued at Zouk where more of our PPHG colleagues/ex colleagues joined us. It wasn't just my farewell, it was Sarah's 30th birthday celebration, as well as Valerie's departure from Pickering too. 
To Val: All the best to you for your future endeavours :)

The Kitchener and Beach Road's Flower Power

Coincidentally, on the same day, it was the NutriGirl's Finals. My dear Joanne was in the competition too, and even though she didn't win the title that night, its the stage experience that matters. And of course, my dear ol Benny Zushan who's spinning at Velvet. Thanks for walking all the way to members to look for me cause i'm too lazy to get my lazy ass over to your side. teeeehee :D

So that night, we opened so many bottles/trays of shots that I can't even fathom. You can't see the bottles in the photos, or maybe we had already finished them.... But, sour plum shots are still da bombbbbb. And screw whoever that ordered the tequilla shots... I think it was Ven. 

And here comes the massive photo taking session. I don't even recall leaving Members Lounge that often, except to pee and to meet Joanne's friends at the dance floor for a short while. Time just flew by like that, all thy drinks, camera flashes, talking etc...  

 Left: Daniel, Right: Deon

PRSKT team! Thanks cleo for being so sporting to join us at Zouk. *muaaahh*
Shaun Y. We'll be seeing each other often around the area yeah!
My dear bitches once again. awwww how sweet of us all

And #Zoukhangover was a success! Thanks everyone for being so spontaneous, I hope you guys enjoyed the night as much as I did. 


The very next day, I had a TVC to shoot and boy was my head pounding like helllllll. It was for Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant Recruitment 2015. Luckily, I was 2nd in line to be shot, so my reporting time was slightly later in the afternoon. But, it was still scorching hot when I did my shoot. The sun wasn't forgiving at allllll. I did my part of the shoot at the Vivo-Sentosa Boardwalk, and even though it was a short frame, we did many takes! T__T

Siya tagged along with my shoot since she was the first, and we thought of going for a movie afterwards. But, it was a Saturday, so everywhere was packed. We ended up having subway for dinner with Jacq and Issac, then headed down to our final filming spot at Orchard Getway to chillax since there was still Tammy's and Luisa's scenes to shoot. 

Had my favourite awesome spam fries at Outdoors Bar, and i was sooooo persistent on getting a COFFEE for drinks, while siya was happily slurping her pina colada. No no no drinks for me that day, I had only gotten over my hungover... Coffee it is :)

Selfie time while Luisa was getting her scene done. Spot her at the back! 
So as we were about to get down to our last scene whereby its a combination of the 4 of us walking together, there were some hiccups on the lights at the Orchard Gateway Runway. Everyone was wrecking their brains for ideas on the possible places to shoot at, that had ample lighting, not too many members of public in the background and didn't really require a permit to do at 1am in the morning. Ended up, we did the last shot at the traffic light crossing right outside of Orchard Gateway.

Good job team! We managed to get the shot done after countless times of walking to and fro the traffic light. I will never forget how important that traffic light means to me. Also, to the bystanders who were trying to hail a cab outside of Acid/Alley/Outdoors, thanks for not intruding into our filming space, and just snapping paparazzi shots from far.
Just looking at that 15 secs commercial video, it makes the 2pm - 2am filming session seem effortless. Filming is soooo not easy, but at least its quite enjoyable :D

Big thank you to Issac for the hard work, lifting that 20kg heavy aero-camera machine thing didn't quite go easy on your biceps/triceps/all other arm muscle groups.
And also to Jacq who followed us everywhere, making sure we're well taken care of, going under the blazing sun and heat etc.
Last but not least, thank you ERM Singapore and my fellow beauty queens for making the shoot possible! 

But if you're one of those who don't have a habit of watching TV, here's the clip. And don't forget to sign up for this year's Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2015!! 

Enjoy the glamour commercial and my awesome sexy voiceover!!!


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