Chinese New Year

by - March 01, 2015


It's the festive season yet again, and this time it is the one that everyone has been waiting for: Chinese New Year! I guess for un-married people like us, it is the moment we have been waiting for, to collect angbaos (red packets) from the elders/married couples. 

I've always loved chinese new year, because that's when everyone gathers together. It is probably the only reason for those we have not seen for ages to finally turn up to a family gathering. I love spring cleaning the house, clearing out all our old stuff; wearing new PJs, gushing over new clothes/bags/shoes and getting all excited from the smell of the goodies. 

Alright, enough of talking, let the photos do the rest. Enjoy!

Day 1

Outfit of Day 1
Dress- White Skater dress from MDS
Accessories- Pink statement necklace: KL; White bangle & Earring: Lovisa; Rings: Top shop and Swarvoski
Bag- Kate Spade
Shoes- Jelly Bunny

Mandatory 全家福 photo
We headed to my paternal grandparents side first since most of my relatives were going to be there at noon. Didn't have any photos of the bunch this year, don't know why. I guess everyone conveniently forgot to take a photo after being too engrossed in gambling. It was a short affair over at my paternal's as everyone was moving to other stops too. Had lunch, caught up with the cousins, gambled and left in the late afternoon. 

My next house visit was to my maternal side. My maternal grandma stays with my youngest aunt and her family. If you guys didn't know, I have some Indonesian-Chinese blood in me. Everyone from my maternal side is Indonesian; most of them are living in various parts of Indonesia, some are in Singapore.

I don't see them often, mainly only during Chinese New Year if they visit Singapore. And that's just 1/4 of my maternal relatives (with reference to the photo above).

I love coming over to my maternal side cause its just so lively, chirpy and bustling with life :)
Caught up with my cousins, had lou hei, dinner and then round 2 of gambling started. 

Day 2

Since I don't have any more relatives to visit, this day was dedicated to my friends' house visit.

Outfit of Day 2
Romper: Far East
Watch: Fossil
Ring & Necklace: Lovisa
Shoes: Aerosoles

Headed down to my beloved brudder's crib at Kovan for my first stop of the day. Cindy just returned from her studies at Switzerland, so this year we headed back to her place for gathering. I remember we used to pay her house a visit every year with lion and dragon dance. But i left for Australia in 2011, only returned back in 2014. Cindy left in 2013 and only just came back this year. I missed her Tinny!

Cheers to our good ol clubbing clique :)


Tinny is just like a princess in the house, cindy's mom takes super good care of her. You should see the softness in her fur, it is even smoother than my own hair :O

Its always lotsa fun with my brudder from another mother. We do so many stupid things together. Despite being apart, our clique is still around. haaaaa. *two thumbs up* 
Good job everyone, lets have a dinner session soon!

So while taking a break from gambling, Xinyi gave me an idea of posing the same pose as the past CNY we had at cindy's place. I browsed through the CNY album i had at 2010, dug up an old photo of us and did the exact same thing. 
Isn't it fun to see how much you have grown over the years? So this is us, 4 years down the road.... 

Aren't we still as adorable as before. HAHA!!!


Next stop is junru's place with the girls. Good thing cindy and junru stays in the same estate, I could just walk over. hahaha! The steamboat spread at Junru's place was honestly the most premium items i've ever had for steamboat! 

Look, there's even salmon! we had oysters later on too. It was a splendid spread!!!

The maldives girls + Sean 

We also had a new comer in our little clique, Joanne! If you actually put all our names together, you'll realize we're actually the J-girl group. Jessica, Jasmine, Junru, Joanne, and the last Diana, who should totally be adopting the J name. #justsaying

Dinner was awesomeeeeee, but I had to leave before joanne arrived. Sorry Jo, couldn't stay to say hi to you.

Caught 12 Golden Ducks movie with AA at century square! It's a really entertaining movie about gigolos, gays and how they struggle to stay in the industry. It's really funny, buttttt i wouldn't say its worth the money to catch it in the cinema. hahaaaa! 


My Day 3 of CNY was actually spent in Bangkok with the family. I will be doing a separate blogpost on my trip to Bkk, so stay tuned! 
I hope everyone had a great celebration, collected plenty of angbaos and won money gambling! 

Till then!


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