by - August 23, 2015

It's back to a brand new week come tomorrow. The week flew past so quickly just like that! I demand for 3 weekends instead of 2. 

I spent my Saturday working at Amara for our wedding show. Though the turnout wasn't as promising as expected, all of us did our best and put on our best smile to attend to every single wedding couple. It was a long day for us from 1030am - 930pm, but we all cheered each other up despite some down spirits. Sunday was spent looking at cars and test driving to find the perfect one... which is realllly tiring and troublesome. haha!

Y'know, there's something magical about weddings... 
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Every girl is heads over heels in love with wedding gown, and dream of donning one on their own wedding day. The same goes for me too. Whenever I attend a wedding, or help to prepare for one, i'll be so in awe of the bride and her gown. There's this magical feel with a girl wearing a gown that I can't quite explain it. I guess i'll just have to wait for my turn to get married and hopefully i'll be able explain the feeling one day ;)

Speaking of gowns, i'm very excited for what's going to come for me. I will be embarking on 2 exciting journeys few months from now. I will reveal it when the time is right for me to announce it out. But in the meantime, pardon me if i'm constantly rejecting your meetups, suntanning, doing sports etc. I will be more busy during September as I have activities after working hours, thus no time to meet up with you guys for dinner etc. As for sports wise, i'm not allowed to get under the sun during these months, thus no scuba diving and no UWR for me even though i am suffering from withdrawal symptoms. 

i hope you guys won't hold it against me, and give me your full support! It means a lot to me as I embark on this journey. 

Alright, sleep early everyone, rest well and lets welcome the new week with open arms!


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