Coronation of Miss Singapore Beauty Queens 2015

by - September 15, 2015

2 weeks have gone by since the coronation of Miss Singapore Beauty Queens 2015, but the night still remains vivid in my memories. We have officially passed the baton on to our successor to carry the crown right. And also, hereby joining the "Retired Queens" Club. 

For the past few months, these 23 ladies have worked tirelessly, giving their all to the pageant rehearsals/road show/charity drive/sponsors visit etc. Kudos to all of you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do that. I'm sure the sponsors are happy with your visits, and I'm sure all of you looked your best on stage. Whether you bag home a crown or title or not, all of you are winners to begin with! :D

Follow me as I bring you through the FINALS of Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2015!

Tammy, Siya and myself decided to have a little post pageant party, so we booked a room at Orchid Country Club on coronation night. As a hotelier myself, it was natural for me to handle the booking, check in paperwork, and of course the special requests  :P I was lucky enough to snag a complimentary upgrade to Family Room and an early check in at 10am! The girls and I were super excited, but we popped by to the Grand Ballroom first to have a sneak peek at the finalists going through their rehearsals.

Our room was huge for the 3 of us! We had 3 separate beds (2 singles & 1 Queen), 2 wardrobes, a pullout sofa bed and spacious room to put our luggage and host a gathering! The space meant alot to us as we all had gowns to put on, and we all know how poofy these gowns are... *making mental note to leave a good review for OCC* No time was lost as we got down to unpacking, and marking our territory. hahaha! 

Tammy had to get ready first as she had hosting to do, while the 2 of us lazed around. After a round of subway lunch and script writing, Siya and I got down to doing some videoing for my upcoming covert mission. *secret* At 3pm, we all went to get our hair and makeup done by School of Makeup and Vintage Hair Studio. You'd be able to see the nervous faces showing, trying to think through the possible answers they can give for their Q&A. But still looking forward to their transformation done by the Hair and Makeup team. After mine was done, I returned back to our room and got changed into our gowns that we hung up earlier on. 

And one last look at our beloved Crown & Sash before we step down as reigning queens... 

And here comes the Glitz & Glam of the night!!!

My sisters from another mother

Hair Sponsor: Vintage Studio
Makeup: School of Makeup
Heels: Riccino Shoes
Gown: Beautiful Love Wedding
Accessories: Own
Location: Orchid Country Club

With Mrs Singapore Globe 2014, Audrey!

Vintage Studio owner, Jeremy Soh!

 After all the photo taking and our brief duties at the VSA silent auction, the guests were ushered into the ballroom, leaving us and the judges outside. We were all given our "show time" on the red carpet as we entered in style! 
fyi, we didn't rehearse this, and we didn't know that this was part of the plan. 

Took my seat at the VIP table together with Papa Alex, Mama Angela, Jerome, Vale & Hubby, and Miss Singapore queens. Thrilled to have front row view of the stage, babes and hunks!

Emcees of the night from Beam Artistes

Opening show was the fashion segment where the ladies don outfits from Foxtrot. Fashion wear, headgear, bags; you name it, they've got it. I love their gladiator heels which the owner actually wore that day. 
On top of that, the show was complimented by one of the Manhunt finalist which caused a big wave of ooooooo and ahhhhhhhs among the ladies down below the stage. It was quite evident that the hunks stole the limelight for that instance

A pageant will not be successful without the board of committee, who contribute relentlessly to the planning, execution and after works of the pageant. Here's our big sister, chairperson of MSBP2015 committee board, Vale, giving a heartfelt speech. 

Not long after, the dinner course was served. Normally, this is the most looked forward highlight of any course dinner that i'm attending. But this time round, I was more focused on the show and the finalists than pigging out. Food was okaaaaaay in my opinion.... Didn't quite pay attention to the food, so I shall reserve my comments to myself. 
First dish served was a cold platter of Octopus, spring roll, mayo prawns, century egg

Next segment of the show was the Biker Chic Fashion. Ladies were decked out in motorwear from Hodaka Motoworld. Trust me when I say changing in and out of these motowear is CHALLENGING!! They are tight, thick, even comes with back/arm platings. yeaaaaap. We had the same wear last year for our pageant show too, it was so hard to remove that some of us fell off the chair while trying to get the jeans off. Oh, and we had helmets as well. Expensive, heavy helmets to take care like our own babies.... I hope we didn't cause too much of a damage that they decided not to bring along the helmets this time round :X
But on the bright side, having such good grade motowear ensures rider's safety, and at the same time optimize riders performance. *two thumbs up*

Jojo as Miss Motoworld

Second dish of the night served was Shark's fin. As a marine conservationist advocate, I do not encourage the consumption of shark's fin. After learning more about marine life and the damages we do to it, I learnt that there are many pleasures we can get in life, and not by harming any marine creatures along the way. With my title in hand, I hope to reach out to the public and to advocate on marine conservation. 

 No pageant is complete without the talent segment where finalists showcase their special talent to captivate the crowd. The finalists performing for the talent showcase on that day are the Top 4. Preliminary rounds were held to choose the top 4 to showcase their talents during this segment. And the winner for talent showcase is the first contestant who did belly dance! I'm so sorry, I didn't get your contestant number....

Here comes the exciting part of the pageant; Manhunt showcase!! Look at the excited faces of the ladies around, with cameras all whipped out. We had a great time oogling at their perfectly chiseled abs, biceps, thighs.

After the hunks comes the girls. Hunks have perfect chiseled bodies, these ladies have the curves to wow you! To me, I feel that bikini is the scariest segment of all. You'd have to ensure that nothing out of the ordinary sticks out, and at the same time suck those tummy in and put on the most confident smile you have despite knowing everyone is staring at your body, probably picking out what you're lacking in. But that is also part and parcel of being in a pageant. You learn to be confident in your own skin, and not to be taken down by negative self-esteem issues. It teaches you the principle of loving yourself, and being yourself. 

While there was a quick break time, we took the chance to snap a group photo with our Mama Angela and our Papa Alex. It's probably never that we get a photo of the Miss Singapores ranging from year 2010 to 2015 all in one

A happy man indeed! :D
Here comes the heart-wrenching part. It is time... Time for us to hand over our crown to our next in line. It saddens me that I will (am) no longer the reigning queen, but it also gives me joy knowing that I will be handing over the legacy to my successor, and to be able to guide her along and walk with alongside with her.

My final glory moment on stage...

*drum rollllllls*

 It gives me great pleasure to crown my successor, Hashiena as the new Miss Singapore Global Beauty Queen 2015!!!! Congrats babe!!
*ahem* sorry new queens, a little bias here since Hashiena won my title, so slightly more coverage on her. teehee

Big congratulations to the other Queens who were crowned that night!!!

Miss Singapore Tourism Queen 2015 - Jojo Tan
Miss Singapore Chinatown 2015 - Vanessa Tiara Tay
1st Runner Up - Apple Lai
2nd Runner up - Vanessa Tan

Pops the party popper!!! 
And the massive phototaking commences... Please enjoy the photos below. 

Gym & Tonic Owner & us

Lee Wei Song & us

Miss / Mrs / Grandma Singapore
Sherrine & us

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See you there!


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