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First, here's wishing all you awesome people out there a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! May the new 2016 bring about more opportunities, more hope, more love, more health and more wealth for everyone!!!(sorry if this came a little late, but better late than never yeah?)

How was your NYE countdown? I had the luxury of spending it overseas (well, batam is technically overseas, even though its only a short boat ride away) and the honor of hosting a NYE countdown dinner at Turi Beach Resort. Thank you Sumantri &Turi Beach team for entrusting me & my fellow queen sisters with your countdown dinner.

We arrived on 31 Dec at Turi Beach Resort, which is a short 30-45min ferry ride from Tanah Merah to Nongsapura ferry terminal. Got picked up with dedicated name tags done by the awesome team at Turi and greeted upon arrival by the operation team and the GM, Sumantri.

After a round of introduction, photos and some ginger tea, we then went on for our meeting with Sumantri to discuss the flow of events for the night's dinner. Everyone was excited and pouring variations of ideas on how we could do the show tonight. 
Fyi, Tammy's mum came along for the trip as Tammy wasn't too well, and she probably ended up being our "Celebrity photographer". hoho.

Once we were done with our meeting, our stomach began to rumble and it was a sign for lunch! I have never been to Turi Beach before, but the other girls have been. If you recall during 2014, when I was a contestant for Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant, we had our bikini photoshoot at Nongsa Point Resort. The following night, the girls went over to Turi Beach Resort for another round of photoshoot, but I came back to Sg as I had to work. 
This trip back definitely brought memories for the girls, and good times for me too, as we were treated very well (like VVIPs) throughout our trip. 

Check out our scrumptious lunch!  We had oxtail soup, salmon, grilled prawns and chicken etc. Yummmmmylicious!

Us with the head chef (standing behind) and Sumantri (extreme right)

We took a stroll after lunch to digest our food, and also for me to see the resort for the very first time. I really love resorts as they give me a very calm feeling, like a home away from home feel. It's a bonus if the resort comes with awesome pools :P

Two pools for your swimming/splashing pleasure! How great is the view of the ocean too!

The original plan for NYE dinner was to be held outdoors, with food stalls lining around the edge of the round swimming pool, showcasing a variation of food from all over the world. Theme was Blast from the Past back to 1960s. It was meant to be a nostalgic night. Unfortunately, rain poured and it didn't stop completely, so the team had to move everything up to their lobby. Boohoo, it would have been great if we could host outdoors and interact with the walkabout guests.

Not long after, we proceeded to check in to our Suite! Our suite was amazing; all of us were raving at how huge the bathroom was, and that there is ample space for 3 of us to do our makeup and walk around freely. I should try and upload the video I took of the room, its huge!

After some camwhoring around, we took a short nap to recharge for the night. And off we go to do our prep for the evening. 

Time just flew by so quickly, before we knew it, it was nearly the end of the night. We had a great dinner spread, open bar (alcohol for us! yay!) great time spent together and 3, 2, 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

It is my first time spending new years eve with my 2 lovely pageant sisters, Tammy &; Siya. It has been a great year thus far, and cheers to more to come! 

Our next day was filled with excitement and laughter as we had our photoshoot by the Batam photographer community, followed by an activity of our choice! Tammy had a spa session, Siya tried out jetski and I rode an ATV! 
But first, photoshoot by the pool and garden. I realize something about Batam photographers (or maybe Indonesian photographers), they are immensely sweet and polite. Y'know how when there's a group of photographers and everyone wants your attention at their camera? They are very polite in a sense they would say "Miss, here please" , a signal for you to look at their lens. How sweet is that? For every single time that they request for you to look at their camera, they would say that to us. Aww, so polite. Thank you photographers for taking awesome photos of us. If you would like to send me my photos, you may drop me an email at jasminechye@gmail.com 

Here's just a few photos that I've gotten from the casual lifestyle themed photoshoot :)

We finished the photoshoot with super messy hair as the beach was right next to us and the wind was howling so fiercely in our faces! Luckily for me, I had my ATV riding experience up next, so who cares about messy hair right? 
I believe this is my first time riding an ATV at the forest. I had my try on it for one round during my Korea pageant at Miss Global Beauty Queen last year. But this, I got to ride for 30 min up and down the muddy forest terrain. 

My ride guide for the day

Retreated back to our suite to freshen up after my ride and we checked out soon after. Before we left, we filled our stomach once again with yummy Indonesian cuisine. Though most of them are spicy, I enjoyed them nonetheless.
p.s. i can't take spicy food, but this is amazing

Had some photos taken while we wait for our land transfer to the ferry terminal.
Dress that I'm wearing is by Adore & Muse. Will be reviewing more of their products in my next post to come.

first passport stamp of the year! #cheapthrill


Back to Singapore now, and I just came back from my birthday trip in Bali. #indonesiacraze Gotta get so many things done as I am about to leave the country yet again on another adventure! I will be representing Singapore to compete at another international pageant in Miss Tourism International - Sri Lanka. Will be crazy busy getting my stuff sorted out, needa get my gown, national costume, clothing, swimwear sponsor etc etc. 
So excited at all the opportunities given to me, and I pray that 2016 will be yet another crazy exciting year!!


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