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by - December 16, 2015

Annyeong! So recently a friend of mine showed me this screenshot of Hair Plus Korean Salon being featured on Beauty Undercover, though the review was written in July this year. What's more, there was a feature link of me as their in-house blogger. Teehee! It's heart warming to know that people out there take note of your work, read what you write. It gives me the motivation to carry on with what I love to do. Till today, readership for that very blog post linked to beauty undercover site is still increasing daily. Thank you !


Lately, I've noticed many people are getting their hair permed. I have also gotten my hair permed awhile ago with Hair Plus Salon (read all about my Setting Perm post if you haven't) during April this year. Handling permed hair does require patience and some effort or else it would just look like a bunch of dead grass.

For someone who does outdoor water sports like me (and quite a lazy person as well), taking care of my delicate permed hair does gets me a little annoyed at times. I would have to frequently apply my leave on hair moisturizer and do self treatments twice a week with the products that was generously given to me by the salon (they're really really good. Will talk more about it later!). I had pretty long hair as well, nearly till the end of my tailbone, so the tangles would get a little messy if I didn't take care of it well.

Are you like me as well? T___T

After returning from a month of pageant travelling, I visited my trusted salon once I had the time to settle back down again. I wasn't quite sure what they had in plan for me, I just thought of reviving my hair back again (after all that crazy hair spray days in pageant). My trusty senior hair stylist, Su Kim, who has always been handling my hair was delighted to see me again after so long. Su suggested me to cut my hair a few inches (seemed like a lot to me) and to do a C-curl which is currently hot in trends now.

At first, I thought it was a SEA-curl, so I presumed I would look very mermaid-ish like. How silly of me! Su gave me some photos as inspiration looks on how the end product would look like. This is when I realized that the trendy "bob like, end curls inwards" is actually a C-curl perm!

C-curl is also another form of Korean style perm, often used at the hair ends to create a very gentle and natural bob-like effect curl inwards. C-curl gives you a very feminine look and it is also effective for contouring jawline to make it look slim and sharp. These days, the desire of every woman to achieve a "pretty face" is to have a V-line face. *Ahem all those Korean fanatics* 

Many Kpop artistes are seen spotting a C-curl perm, looking very graceful, stage ready, and exuding a soft glow around them. This hairstyle is actually very easy to maintain and is perfect for every occasion. Like I mentioned before, very stage ready. 

Having my confidence boosted from the amazing photos, I decided to give it a try. Before we started with the C-curl perm, *snip snip snip* there goes chunk of my hair........ Su then gave my hair a treatment first to make it softer and more manageable before we do the perm later on. I absolutely love their signature Korean hair treatment cause it smells so niceeeeee! And it works wonders too!

Say bye bye to frizzy and long hair, and hello to shorter and bouncy hair. 

After the treatment cream was washed off, I was on the perm creams and Su took out this really interesting looking "curling rod" to make my hair crown more voluminous. This rod that she used (seen in photos below) looks exactly like a curling iron rod, but much smaller in size and width. It looks kind of like a miniature curling iron. Got ma rollies stuck onto my hair crown while Su continued to work on the remaining of my hair.   

I love how professional the team is at Hair Plus Salon. I came in at about 10am in the morning, but I had to rush off at about 12ish. Bear in mind that the treatment, hair cut, C-curl perm takes about 3 hours to complete. Upon hearing my absurd schedule, they tried their best to do it as quickly as they could and it was still so professional. Love how they are always fussing over me, to make sure that I was on time for my next schedule, and that i was well taken care of. hehe. I love you guyssssss!  Saranghaeyo~~

After 2.5hrs, Tadaaaaaaaaaaa! My new look is done. I love how refreshed I look, gone with the frizzy splits/damaged ends of my hair, and reborn again with a bouncy fresh look. Immediately, I got compliments from my friends when I attended several events days after the hair session. 

If you're interested in getting your hair fixed or a new look for the upcoming chinese new year, do drop by Hair Plus Beauty Salon and look for Su Kim (pretty lady seen beside me)! She has over 14 years of hair styling experience in Korea and Singapore, so rest assured you'll be in good hands! :)

Here's some exciting news to be shared with my readers!  You'll be glad to know that Hair Plus Korean Salon is NOT charging any surcharge during CNY period!!! Wooooooo, so quickly head down now! They get very busy towards the end of the week!
However, please note that they are closed for business from 7th - 10th February.

Also, for the month of Dec and Jan, enjoy 20% off Korean Hair Treatment and/or 20% off Hair Manicure (read about my Hair Manicure experience here)!!! 
fyi, these are the treatments i regularly receive from the salon. works wonders for my dry hair


Drawing a comparison from my past long hair as compared to now.... 

Before: October 2015 in Korea, competing for Miss Global Beauty Queen 2015

After: December 2015, back in Singapore after doing C-curl perm
 I'm extremely happy with the results! 

Oh yes, as mentioned earlier in this post, Hair Plus Korean Salon gave me with this amazing product to use at home to nourish my damaged hair. This hair treatment works wonders!!! I didn't use it at home but I brought it along with me to Korea while competing for my pageant. Only brought a small bottle of it in due to the liquid limitations for flying. When I was in Korea, we had our hair done almost every single day; hair spray all over, straighten/curling it every day. Omg my hair was in utter despair! Some days, we would end our day at 2am and we had to wake up at 6am for our next day of activities. That resulted in us just plopping down onto our bed and not washing our hair as it would take another 1 hour. I know its bad for the hair, but I was really really exhausted. Next day, my hair was sooo tangled and unmanageable. I used conditioner but it didn't help much. Only after I used this hair treatment, my hair instantly got so much smoother and manageable. I would swear upon this product that it works wonders. Even in Korea, I saw the hair stylists using products from the Amos Professional range, i guess it goes to show that this product is really really worth raving!
P.s. they carry this product in the salon, if im not wrong it cost about $50+ for each tube, which can last quite long! I didn't even finish the small bottle that i squeezed out to bring on my trip.

I shall end the post with a photo of me in traditional Han-Bok costume, taken during our stage performance for Miss Global Beauty Queen, held in Korea this October. 

Stay tuned for more updates!


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