Friday, November 27, 2015

[Sponsored] Dress me up with Privé House

Phew! I am finally back on my little writing space after nearly a month of traveling. Sorry for being away for awhile, it has been a long, exhausting journey but eye opening nonetheless. For the next month, I will be updating this site on my two international pageants. 


Everyone knows that international (or even local) pageant calls for evening gowns right? Evening gowns play a vital role in pageantry; they signify elegance, classy and creative of its own. To be able to pull off a great evening gown not only depends on the bearer, but also on the designer and the cut of the dress. Every girl has a shape that suits her body type, not everyone can wear a A-liner dress, nor can they all wear a Mermaid cut.

Having said so, I am very thankful and privileged at the same time to be dressed by Privé House for my international pageant at Miss Global Beauty Queen 2015, held at South Korea earlier this October.

When I first set foot into the shop and met co-owner, Simbian, I was instantly wowed by the shopfront. Located at Wheelock Place, the boutique boosts a floor-to-ceiling glass front, allowing passerby to glimpse and gawk at their amazing collection of gowns. Even the interior of the boutique speaks royalty. 

Besides the colourful mass of evening and weddings gowns, one other thing that caught my eye was the changing room. It is very intricately done up, giving clients utmost comfort and 360 view of their gowns.  

Look at the cute bunnies lined up inside the changing room, and you can find heaps more decorating the floors of the boutique. You may even find a live one hopping around, if you're lucky! 

After my first meeting with Simbian, I spoke to her of my concerns and what I require for the pageant. She then went to pick out a few designs that suited me best and would look appropriate for stage performance. Got down to trying a few gowns of different colours and cut based on the professional's suggestion, and we narrowed down to the final 2 designs for me to bring over. 

Besides gowns, customers at Privé House gets to enjoy a wide range of accessories available for them to mix and match their dresses. If you do fall in love with these amazing blings, I do believe that they are for sale too. (pls check with Simbian for more accurate answers to your queries. contact provided below).
I, too, got my hands on some blings to bring over to match my gown. They pop out so much on stage, and really enhanced my stage presence. These diamond babies are handpicked by Simbian to match my gown. How pretty they are!!!!

Over at Korea, I wore the gown for the first time during our pre-judging segment. Pre-judging is a very crucial day for pageants; it determines if you are in the top few. Not the finals, but the pre-judging. It is when the judges get a close look at you, how you carry yourself on stage, your speech, walk, body shape, posture, fashion sense and your confidence. Therefore, it is imperative that you bring out the best in you; wearing your best swim suit, your best evening gown and heels. Do bear in mind that we always bring extra sets of everything. I've heard stories before that some girls had their final evening gowns torn apart and ripped as part of sabotage plans. So yeah, all of us will always bring a spare set of evening gown, bikini and heels.

During the full dress rehearsal for our pre-judging, we all wore our gowns out for position placing. It was then everyone had a first look at each other's gowns. When I came out with my gown, everyone was complimenting my gown on how gorgeous and alluring my gown was. I had the cream pastel coloured mermaid evening gown, which according to Simbian's opinion, would be good for stage presence. When I looked to my right, 3 contestants had red gowns consecutively, and the 3 after them were in blue gowns. Oh my god, if I didn't head Simbian's advice, I would probably end up contributing to the red / blue circle.

2 days later, it was our finals and boy were we pressed for time. The sequence of the show goes:
1. Traditional Korean Hanbok walk;
2. Hip-hop dance item;
3. Talent showcase;
4. National costume showcase and walk; 
5. Talent showcase 2;
6. Evening gown walk and prize presentation

We barely had 5 min to change our outfits backstage before rushing out for the next segment. Everyone was hunting for a space overhead to hang our gowns and national costume so it wouldn't crumple, and it'd be easier for us to locate it amidst all the chaos. Not so luckily, I was in the first group. First groups are always rushed to get out backstage on time, and we had no space to change at the back as some later groups aren't done with their previous segment changing, and we had to change for our next. Oh goshhhhh. But all in all, everything went well, and the show was smooth as rehearsed. 

Every single one of us were led out by a Korean male model to the middle before we do our solo walk. These male hotties have been with us the entire journey, assisting the crew and teaching us the choreo for our dance. Big thumbs up to you guys! 
So here I am, in my chosen evening gown, strutting the last walk on this final stage. 

Thank you once again, Privé House, for dolling me up in your evening gown, making me look stunning on stage. For brides-to-be, if you're interested in Privé House's gowns, do feel free to contact Simbian or have a look at their facebook page. Recently, they are dolling up local celebrities too! *beams*

Wheelock Place #03-13
Orchard Road
Singapore 098382
Tel: 6341 7206

Till then, stay tuned for my Korea and China adventures!