Korean Styled hair cut & perms by Hair Plus Korean Salon [Sponsored]

by - June 02, 2016

Hello readers, it's been awhile!

This post is going to be on my experience of my recent hair-do from Hair Plus Korean Salon. As you all know, I've always had long hair and I feel comfortable with it. Honestly, I am (quite) reluctant to changing hair styles as I have gotten so used to feeling my long hair down my back. How many of you share the same thoughts too? 

I last had a shoulder length hair cut in December 2015 (read all about it here - Fresh New Look with Hair Plus Korean Salon), and I received many compliments on sporting a shorter hair do. Rather unfortunately for me, my hair grows really quick and soon enough it was back to my usual long hair length. This time round, Su gave me a Ji-hyun inspired look. Its slightly shorter than before, with wavy curls and layered hair lengths. 

The thing I love about Hair Plus salon is that all the hair stylists are Korean. They all hail from Korea, and they have at least 7 years (or more) of hair styling experience before they are being considered for a position here in Singapore. (wow). Naturally being at a korean hair salon, I always got korean inspired hairstyles. Well, i'm not complaining, since I loveeeeeeee korean style. Just pointing out something for all the k-fans out there who are looking for a promising hairstyle change :) 

Since I don't have any upcoming pageants to compete for, I agreed to chop my hair and trust the hairstyle that Su had recommended for me. First, we had to touch up my hair roots. It has been 3 months since I last visited the salon, and my roots were certainly showing themselves. Then came the heart wrenching moment, snip... snip.... snip..... A bunch of my hair said goodbye from my head. 

We began the full hair treatment afterwards. First was the treatment spray and it was blown dry with the hair dryer. Why so? Bcos heat helps to activate the protein to get it absorbed faster into the hair. Continued on with the second treatment cream and it was steamed this time round.

 At the salon, they only use Korean hair products (treatment, perming, volume rebonding etc) and the hair stylists would show the products to you before they apply it on. Only L'oreal products are used for hair dye colours. I personally love the hair products used, because I also had some to bring home and try out. Even my mum loves them. 

I have had the Green Tea Scalp Care Pack to try before, and it smells really good! I haven't tried it long enough to give my reviews yet, but as far as I know it is working quite alright for me. Although it says green tea, it isn't green in colour; its actually brown in colour. But packed with green tea extracts and smell. It supposedly helps to reduce hair fall, improves scalp condition. 
 And as for the Energy Oil Serum, it brings out the bounce and shine in hair, makes it look more presentable. Just picture yourself getting out of bed, rushing out for work. Simply dab on this product, scrunch up your hair and tame it down. Violaaaaa, you're ready. Especially since I've got perms now, this product definitely helps to tame those frizzy flyways. 

After the treatment was done, I had the pre-perming cream on, and heated for 5min. This is to allow the hair to take the form of the next hairstyle easier. Got it washed off and here comes the perming cream and rolls with the digital perm machine. I always thought I looked funny like some mad experiment subject with cables coming out of my head. hehe. Read some magazines while the perming was taking place. When it was done, Su came to straighten the top half of my hair and we got the neutralizer applied on my hair to remove chemicals from the perm, so it wouldn't be so damaging on my hair. Washed my hair for the 3rd/4th time (lost count...), had another treatment cream applied on and washed again. I am pretty sure my hair is squeaky clean after that. 

All in all,  I did a korean volume perm (wavy perms) and setting, full hair treatment and cut. Do note that this entire process took 2.5 hrs for me, and it is dependent on the individual's hair quality.
Now, its time to reveal the Before and After photos!!!!




Look at how bouncy and voluminous my hair looks! I'm positive that I look slightllllly younger than before. Haha!  2.5hrs in exchange for a revitalized hairstyle, fine with me!

Here's how my hair looks 2 weeks later... 


Just a share a little something with my readers, Hair Plus Korean Salon has recently opened their 2nd outlet at Suntec!!! I had the time to pop by their outlet after my hair session, and here's some photos. I know that Suntec is quite a confusing place to navigate, so hopefully this blog post will give you an idea on where the salon is located. 

The concept of the Suntec outlet is slightly different from that of Fareast's. Floor's wooden to begin with, as compared to Fareast's black and white tiles. Warm ambient lightings, and more wood furnishings around, gives off a warm and calming atmosphere. 

Products that the stylists frequently used are displayed in front of you, so you may also pick it up and read off the label on your own. If you don't have any idea on what to do with your hair, they've got a Signature Look chart for you to do a quick reference. If not, there's always magazines to get your inspiration from, or just go with your hair stylist's recommendation. (p.s. I've always stuck with my hair stylist's recommendation, i'm confident they know the best for me)

How to get there:

If you refer to the direction map of Suntec, the salon is located in between T2 and T3, slightly leaning more towards Tower 3, on the 3rd floor.

Driving: Park at Jaguar area of North wing tower 3, take the lift straight to Level 3 and you will be able to spot the directions board right outside the lift lobby. Follow directions and you'll find the salon.

MRT: Take to Promenade station, once you exit, spot Morganfield bar and you're on the correct side. Go straight up to Level 3, and you'll find Alive museum as well as Golden Village.
Continue walking down the stretch, and soon you'll see Kuishin restaurant. The salon is located right opposite that. 


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