Sunday, August 09, 2009

happy national day to everyone! :D

im going to spend this national day with my family. haha. gonna practice my piano first, write photo descriptions for spln rendered images to submit, then bathe and change. going to meet my relatives from indo (: (: (: damn long nv see them alr. then mom wants to go shopping at town. haha. so most most likely i'll get to do some shopping as well. hahaa!
its been a long time since i last did shopping.

now Bonkers is starting to stress me out. but it makes me think of solutions to overcome problems. just like in life, it doesn't go smoothly, you gotta always be thinking of solutions/plan B. now we've got some problems in the dates and roadshow,publicity etc. but its alright, im sure after consulting yeunhuei & darren, Bonkers team will come up with sth and we'll be fine. i think i better start on ppt slides first to show raymond (not IRDD raymond, but the SAA boss). i damn scared we not enough time, which i think will happen. so i must start the ball rolling. haha! better to play safe than to be sorry.

tomorrow's a public holiday, and i've got no plans yet. zzzzzz. yawwwnnsss.

school starts at 11am on tuesday!!!! NOOOOOO. we always start at 2pm. okay, 11-1 is FLSM tut, spln no more class, its only doing yr own project and submission(its on tues), proj management i think no more class as well. so since we've completed our spln (left my photo description and printing), technically i've got no class aft 1pm. anddddddd, i've got council meeting with P10 at 730pm. WOW, i can slack in school for 6hrs. HAHAHA! nahh, im going jogging at 6pm though. bathe and all, just nice in time for council meeting. hmm, i think i'll go clubroom and study from 1-5pm. haha! good way to pass time. and im pretty sure clubroom will be empty at that time so i can study in peace.
goody goody! :)

i need the toilet now. byeeeee!
subwayyyyy, eat fresh! lameee assss.

i hope you're doing fine
im always here for you