Thursday, August 13, 2009

I OFFICIALLY HATE MIO NOW! keeps disconnecting me, damn annoying! everytime i use the com, i get disconnected at least 3 times. how fucked up is that! imagine u typed a super long email to send, and the internet got disconnected and u cant send it across. worst thing is u have to retype your entire long email again. WTTTFFFFFF!

chill chill chill. on a MUCH lighter note, my nails are rejuvenated! HAHA! went for manicure & pedicure plus nail treatment session ytd. ooooh, my nails are so much nicer looking now. the nail art design on my big toes are so prettayyyee :D sakura flowers :) :) :)

my workload is killing me.
-IRDD proj, might have to make another trip down to science centre AGAIN! cause mr wong didn't pass out photos.
-Sports club Bonkers is really turning me bonkers. haha! send emails, request this, draft out ppt, games, prepare for THE meeting.
-exercise daily

sighhhh, there's IRDD quiz later on. i have a strong feeling, i will flunk. its based on calculations, all the real estate calculations, which we learnt last year. -.- crapppppppp.

i hope i do get my internship at marina bay sands though, gotta ask rach's mom to help me ask her boss when the time comes :D :D :D

off to do work. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
btw, blogger's screwed up again, i cant change colours or upload photos. sorrrrrry