Wednesday, September 09, 2009

do u think there's sth wrong with me?
  • i feel like throwing up now.
  • i think being a lesbian/bi sounds cool, aft i met A. hahaha! (winks to phoenix)

monday out with phoenix was super fun and enjoyable. we talked alot and definitely camwhored ALOT. and we saw many peopleeeeee, including this this that that. haha! then met stupid lovelyn. haha! she made us walk hereeee and thereeeeee. but nvm, i got free java chip from her. helped her make bday card for her bf -.- burnt paper along the way. met junyuan and his bunch of friends at starbucks. went home quite late.

tuesday which is today, met up with annnnnzxzx! yay! had a fun half day with her, and caught time traveler's wife. had my 2nd visit(her first) to the jap restaurant at ION. nice foooood they have there. next time must go back again and have ann ann's choice of meal tday. haha. our next outing would be going to wisma's Dingtaifeng for my long awaited shrimp pancake, beef tendon, xiaolongbao and going shopppppppppinggggg :D :D :D

after leaving ann, went to search for turf city to go casting for SIN. -.- everything's so weirdddddddd but the girls were friendly :) haha.

kayyyy, off to bed now. tml it'll be a relax day. maybe i'll upload photos. goodnight. hopefully i dont puke tonight. :(