Sunday, September 06, 2009

sometimes, i wish i didn't exist. then maybe there would be peace in everyone's life, and maybe mine as well.

  • tday i had a good day :)
  • i wore my new blazer! (exclaims to xl! :D)
  • i met modelling dearies at bugis, and went for casting for a new mag thingy.
  • met glenda darling and spent her lunch break crapping and catching up with her. 24 sept will be dedicated to her specially. BE GLAD!
  • i resisted myself from buying more perfume or clothes. =D
  • im gonna get my new privilege card to se7en, this new club at iluma :D ohyeah, freeee entry for me & a guest!
  • gonna go club this wed and sat, hopefully. heh. sat's official launch of se7en. get high on booze! (:
  • im going to wake up damn early to be in time for sports club meeting at 11am. SO EARLY!
  • and im going to swim afterwards!
  • meet phoenix at bugis for some slack time and collect my card
  • meet lovelyn at 830 at t1 for dinner and catchup :)
  • happy kid! im meeting up with lots of ppl. :D :D :D :D :D
  • i wanna do more paid shootssssss and events! its my hols man, gotta make full use of it. and soooo not fair, phoenix & shixin caare going UK for xxxx mag shoot. i want okay phoenix! lovelovelove ;D

today's a rather lovely day(: heh. im looking forward to tml(:

camwhoringggggggg with lovessssss tml<3