Friday, April 30, 2010

good morning all earthings! chye's at office now :D & she has nth to do now. hahahah

was hectic! haha. spent half a day sourcing for particular kind of newsarticles.. until my fingers went charcoal black! then did dataentry, and was tasked to find litto sheet! its the map that u hav to buy from URA if u want to find the land size of a certain plot of land u're soughting after. and trust me, the litto sheet cupboard is not user friendly. but it was fun, cus i had sth to do. haha the litto sheet cupboard wasn't at my dept, so i had to run back and forth.

then after work, i rushed off to school for training! i met the freshies, and thankfully there was 1 NEW GIRL! haha, well she's still deciding between tri or canoepolo. :/  we played touch rug ytd! wooohooo, damn fun! i miss my tri mates, i mean those who are relatively closer to me (: im gonna go regularly for training after work! (((((: bathed after training, missed jianhuang coming out of toilet, but his fren saw me, so he passed vern the iphone cover. went with the dragonboat guys to opp sch for dinner. (:
headed down to butter factory afterwards. haha just to show face and clear the guestlist quota. -.- ytd was the worst butter night evaaaaaa. hahah!

oh and when i was walking home at 12plus, the street lamps went off! i was literally walking in the dark. being paranoid, i kept turning ard, and walked damn fast. almost stepped on a cockroach!!!! yikes!

am in office early! thought i'd wake up late since i slept at 1,2am last night.. surprisingly, i wasn't late. hurhurhur. gonna pack the litto sheets later, then my mentor is bringing me out for meeting with client later at 430! yay! anddddddd im going to meet my sportsclub maincoms (next batch) for movieeeeeeee later! IPMAN2! 1 inch punch(our version) HAHHA!

next week's gonna be damn packed!
tomorrow: photoshoto @9am, free
sunday: free! spend time at home i guess
monday: work, Bonkers meeting in sch @7pm
tuesday: work, free
wednesday: work, swim training, maybe going down butter for awhile cus got VVIP entry for us! (Y)
thursday: work, run training
friday: work, going sch to stayover for sportsclub retreat
saturday: go home, rest
sunday: free! maybe start back my piano classes already :/

going back to work now! to all the interns out there, i know we're freaking cheap labour, but HANGIN THERE! :D