Sunday, May 02, 2010

the week was hectic. dont have time to do a proper update now. shall do it when im free! i think i shld save my photos in thumbdrive den go office upload and blog during lunch break. HAHAHA!

so the week was packed with work, training, modelling, and goin gout with frens.
tday i just went out with paddy to town! hahaa. tml im gonna resume my piano lessons, after stopping for 1 month.... ohmannn, i felt so free during that 1 month. hahah. ohwells, tml after piano, im gonna head down to universal studios for my modelling job. its ESPN boxing event. haha egggciting! i shall go sleep now.
wask talking to joey just now and he's freaking hilarious! and he keeps saying he's shyyyyy. yah right, since when that big size guy can be shy. rightttttt.

i'll update when i have more time! GOODNIGHT!  :)