Tuesday, May 04, 2010

fresh new week! & its the 2nd week only :(

i've grown relatively tolerable to the boring/stressful/busy(at times) work and going back to school after work hours. it has somewhat became part of my life, though it tires me out thoroughly. Nevertheless, i'll just focus on the fact that im doing something i like, i guess that'll ease my mind of tiredness. Wendy and Wenli commented tday that though im busy everyday rushing here and there, i still look energetic & cheerful! haha, they reckon the sports i do makes me energetic, and i enjoy doing whatever i do, which makes me cheerful at all days. yay, what a nice positive comment :D

i adore my recent photoshoot photos! well, some of it, but i haven't gotten a copy of them yet! ohyes, and my mom has been bugging me to print my photoshoot photos out in Design school.. think i gotta engage xinyan/yf's help! heeeeee. cus by the time i reach sch, it'll be closed alreadyyyyyy.

oh and if you guys happened to have read my paper on 3rd May, somewhere near the last few pages, there's a Jiu Jitsu demonstration photo taken in a boxing ring. That is the Mixed Martial Arts Combat Competition i've been working for over the weekend at ResortsWorld. i was the Ring Girl, tgt with 7 other models(: i saw some familiar faces there! the weather was unbearable! all of us were perspiring all the time. but the event was so fun! i got to talk and mix ard with the fighters, take photo with them and media, and of course the audience (which some of them really pissed me off). but OMG, mitch is superrrrrr HAWTTTTT!!!! he's competing on 13th May! get your tickets now for the show!!!! ESPN will be there on the fighting days, be sure to catch yourself on the channel!

yesterday's meeting was well, rather okay. Bonkers will be having another meeting session on the 10th May, a major one i would say.. lots of things for me to prepare for the planning team to go through... better prepare them over the weekend... hohoho, i think my muscles grown! i spent 1hr 30min in the gym ytd, doing my full arm,legs and core workout! and none of my muscles hurt tday! looks like i gotta intensify my workout. heh heh! toned muscles, here i comeeeeeee!

im so sorry for the lack of photos! i promise i'll upload when i have time to browse through them! sorrrreeeeeeeyyyyyy. time to get back to work! its feasibility studies time! for those who dont know what's feasibility studies, its like the REBUS calculations, just that its 1000 times harder. heh! all the best to me man! toodles!