Saturday, May 08, 2010

the weather is killing me! i just bathed and im starting to perspire again! UGHH. hate it.

anywayyyy, im back homeeee! haha last night was the sex man! celeste, junru, jessica, wei ming and myself got into ZOUK with the help of john! thanks john for last night! we reached zouk at like 11plus and the queue was MADNESSSSSS LONGGGG! lucky john could sign us all in and we went velvet to drinkkkk and look at ppl doing stupid dance moves from the members bar. HAHA! yayyyy, dont have to queue, VIP entry, and drinkssssss! (: life is good.. after i met deli & john. HAHA! thanks guys! soooo ytd was cel's first time in zouk and we experienced steve aoki's spinnings. haha then drinkkk freaking alot, and we bounced off to butter at 1plus.
met jonathan and friends, got signed in as VVIP again and parttttaaayyeeee. this time we had champagne. i hate champagne, it tastes like vomit. haha! went off to dance and all, returned back to the table, only to find out that i had to drink martell neat. i swear last night was killer, i got super high cus i drank lots of neat, helped the other girls drink as well. haha! after clubbing we went for food at laupasat and this fucked up girl wanted to pick a fight with me. i cant rmb what i said but it was sth like excuse me or what cus i wanted to take chopsticks. then she was like nabei u want to pick a fight is it. LUCKY I KEPT MY MOUTH SHUT. i almost wanted to retaliate. haha i was nursing a headache so i didn't want to talk back to her. thinking about it now, it makes my blood boil. ughhh pissed off, if i see her again, i make sure she has no tomorrow to look forward too. heh heh.
ohyes, according to junru, i talked lots of crap when im drunk. and i dont know where im walking. after butter, i walked like one whole big round across the street and everyone just followed me, and i had no idea where i was walking. HAHA! oh and i can close my eyes and walk on the road without knowing where im going. HAHA!

left: VELVETTTT right: john! (:
myself, junru, cel, jess and wei ming :]
 left: myself, deli and junru.  right: zouk danceflooooor (:
imagine i had this throughout the entire night everywhere.....

cel went OMG, MUST TAKE PHOTO OF THIS. hahhaa!

 here's more misc photos...

Hangout with babe (:
HAHA! i love this photo!!!
Le Noir (:
idk why but my face was red that night......
this guy is having his bachelor party roam-about in thongs. his friends damn bastardddd siaaaa.

Formula Drift 2010
& i still haven't got most of my photos yet :(((((

Mixed Martial Arts Combat

the small model ring (:

the fighters and ring girls-zorro and i forgot what's his name. haha.
but i still llike Mitch the dragon more! HAH! he's soooo damn hotttt and cuteeeeee. & he knows my nameeee. heh heh.

tadaaa, end of a fruitful post with photossss. tomorrow's Mothers' Day! to all the mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! (: