Monday, April 26, 2010

hello hello, say hello to a new week of work. the weekend was well spent (:

was supposed to meet clubbing clique at 4pm, but everyone overslept blahhhh blahhhhh. ended up met cindy at 5plus, and jon, jl, stanley, stanley's fren, hj, tingfong at 6plus at cine. had a meal, and peishan came. hangout for awhile, then i left at 8pm.

went off to meet phoenix at clarke quay! :D had dinner at waraku, then headed over to clarke quay nightlife area for a stroll, and settled at Le Noir for drinks :) phoenix was so sweeeeet to pay for everything that night! loveyou! ohoh, we met this group of angmoh guys, they were having this bachelor party thing for the guy who's getting married tml. so they made him parade around clarke quay with a pair of thongs! OMGGG, we had flowers from them and we took photo with the bachelor! HAHAH, SUPER HILARIOUS I SWEAR!!! i'll upload the photo when i transfer them. hahhaa! left for home at 1130pm. when i reached hg, i was left wth 5min before midnight. I FREAKING RAN HOME! cus i wanna wish my dad happy birthday at the strike of midnight! haha im so filial. my mom thought i was mad, running home with a flower in my hand. her first reaction was "eh got ppl woo u huh? give u flower, den u scared and run so fast isit" HAHAH! i gave that flower to my dad! and i emphasized the fact that i RAN with it from mrt to home. hahah he was touched! YAY! never get weird stares on the streets for nothing. heh heh heh.

i got a last min call to work for Formula Drift, and so i rushed down after i woke up. haha it was a fun event i must say. though i get baked like a potato under the sun, and my mouth is literally cramped from all the smiling at all the photographers, not forgetting the constant wiping of perspiration from our faces. hahaha. at the end of the day, i found out that my stomach is burnt -.- omgawdddd lahhh! haah ps suggested me to put aloe vera on my tummy. HAHAH! but i had fun working with all the babes at the event, saw alot of familiar faces.. haha! i dont have photos, only one which Lishan took for me and posted on fb! i'll upload if i find it on the net.... hahaha. then met my family afterwards and we had a  meal tgt to celebrate dad's bday (:

anyway, i've made up my mind to go for triathlon training regularly, AFTER WORK. ahahah yesss note the after work part. meaning i end work at 6pm, i'll rush down straight to school for training. and yes i think i'll most probably be doing some OT at training....but nvm, i'll still go. haha. i wanna go for tri camp! but i cant, got internship :(

lunch break over, time to head back to work. hahaha! toodles! (: