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Inside Scope to Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2016

Time really flies when you are least expecting it to. It is the time of the year again where we choose our new batch of beauty queens under ERM Singapore. Yes you are right, it's time for another year of Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant.

Ever since my reign as Miss Singapore Global Queen 2014, I have been actively involved in pageantry; be it representing Singapore to compete internationally or local events. Till date, I have represented Singapore for 3 separate international pageants and I must say it is such an eye-opening experience. I have learnt and grown so much ever since, and with that, I would like to encourage and empower more ladies to experience what I have gone through. Therefore, I am very honored to be on board the committee board for this year's Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2016. Time to take a step back, and watch and help other ladies shine.

Every year we will have a different charity that we support and this year, our adopted charity is Down Syndrome Association (DSA).  We were invited down to DSA office located at Junction 8 for a briefing on the association, what it does, who it helps etc. This will facilitate the contestants when they are faced with questions from the public.

Did you know that World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) is on 21 March and the reason why this date is selected is because it signifies the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome which causes Down Syndrome.

I am definitely very looking forward to participating and working with DSA on our upcoming pageant activities. If you would like to know more about our adopted charity, you may visit DSA website at  the link here: Down Syndrome Association Singapore


The contestants had a fun-filled trip to the Canopi at Bintan, where they spent 4 days bonding with one another through game challenges, photoshoots etc. I recall during my year of competition, we were very fortunate to be the first batch of msbp contestants to have an overseas staycation and photoshoot. It was a 3d2n affair for us at Nongsa Resort & Turi Beach Resort at Batam then. Msbp gets better and better year on year, making us past queens super jealous. hahaha. Since I didn't make it for the trip, here's a video of their stay. Do follow ERM Singapore youtube channel for more episodes of Miss Singapore Reveals, a reality show for the pageant.

Since the girls had their fair share of fun, it's time for serious business. A press conference was held on 27th July at Orchid Country Club for our media friends and sponsor partners to officially meet the girls and break some ice. It was my first time having some interaction with the contestants too. Attended the event with Rachel (Miss Tourism Queen International 2013), Apple (Msbp'15 Top 5), Vanessa (Msbp'15 Top 5) and other Mrs Queens! The list of sponsors for this year's pageant has greatly increased over the years, and yes making us jealous once again....

Check out the cute packaging of Maki by one of our sponsors!

L-R: Apple, Vanessa, Myself, Rachel

Rachel is the chairperson for the committee this year ! Chairwoman giving her well thought out speech.... 

 After the ladies were presented on stage, we had a small game planned for them. Since fitness and physique has been in the talks lately, we gave them a planking challenge. Looking good is not all about being skinny; it is about keeping fit and being healthy. Let's hope the ladies are equally fit & healthy! *if not, its time to get fit.....


Few days later, it was their talent showcase day! I reckon this day is probably one of the more nerve wrecking moments (besides the grand finals of course) as you'll have to perform not only for the judges to judge you, but as well as the public. During my year, our talent showcase was a closed door event held at Lee Wei Song School Of Music. Even so during then, I was super nervous like hell. Imagine performing infront of the public at a mall. *applause to you ladies*

Sumini, Myself, Florence, Rachel
Vanessa Tiara, Hashiena and Myself

Panel of Judges
 I must say some of the contestants have really interesting performance items and they most definitely have hidden talents! Gone were the days where everyone just merely sang or danced, things are getting heated up with saucy performances! Kudos to everyone who plucked up courage to perform in front of the public and us judges, who may have given harsh comments at times.
*some snippets of the performance items... More on my facebook!

After the performance ended, the contestants got to breathe slightly before starting on the swimwear segment proudly sponsored by Triumph SG. This year's swimwear has got a wide variety of designs; ranging from two piece bikini to monokini and covered up one pieces. 
*some snippets of the swimwear. More on my facebook!

The moment of truth is revealed! Who will emerge top 4 for best talent? 


Congrats to the following ladies for qualifying for Top 4 Talent Show

Vanessa for her saucy latin ballroom dance item;
Jeslyn for her delicate chinese dance item;
Diviya for her belly dance incorporated with chinese fans;
Priscilla for her salsa bollywood fusion dance item.

Practice hard for your items and shine on the final stage. 

The most recent event we had was the preview show held at Luxi , St James. Just to highlight that this wasn't the finals, it was just a preview show for the ladies to garner support and to present 4 subtitles for the night. 

It was a great event, many Mrs and Miss turned up and it was a full house! Filled with so much laughter and cheering, the atmosphere was so encouraging. All the past crowned queens got to catch up with one another, selfies/wefies away, cheering from the bottom of the stage. 

Which contestant will walk away with the 4 subtitles for the night????? 

And the results are out.  Congratulations to the following ladies:

 Jolyn Ng - Miss Suoer Legs 2016
Jolene Ong - Miss Body Beautiful 2016
Diviya - Miss Eloquence 2016
Vanessa Peh - Miss Popularity 2016 + Miss Luxi 2016

Judges, sponsors and our subtitle winners on stage

The night was still young after the event ended. Several of us queens stayed back and continued on with the party, and members of the public were free to come in to the club afterwards. Had a great night with my fellow queens and the boys from Vintage Studio & Makeover Inc

Mama Angela, Siya, Myself, Apple, Karen, Cheryl, Hashiena and Vanessa Tiara

Abv: Rachel, Myself, Jeremy

It has been so long since I last went home so late from a party night. Long gone were the days where I could party till wee hours of the morning consecutively. But I guess it was because of good company that made me forget about time. hahaha! I guess the next time will probably be ...... after party of Msbp2016? hahahaha! We shall see about that. 

Do continue to support the ladies as the competition hasn't ended yet. Hashtag #MSBP2016 and #MissSingaporeReveals on Instagram to see more posts shared by contestants and committee. There are still a few more events to go before the Grand Finals on 26th August. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, do drop erm an email or call them, link here -> ERM World

Till the next time!



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